David T. Logan Profile Excerpt

 The following is an excerpt from one of the profiles found in the Logan Connections book. It is not the full profile, but is intended as an example of the information you can find within the profiles in the book.

Member, Captain Hiram W. Cooke’s Mounted Ranging Company, Coryell County, TX, 1861
To his Excellency Governor Clark for the State of Texas
We the undersigned citizens of Coryell County would respectfully request your Excellency to authorize Capt. Hiram W. Cooke to raise a Mounted Ranging Company. Our Citizens, or enough of them to form a Company, have horses and arms already. Capt. Cook will take pleasure in raising the company. We request that when the said Company shall have been enrolled that they be permitted to elect their own officers to be commissioned by your Excellency. The Indians are now down on the frontier and our boys are anxious to drive them away.
May 24, 1861
Members of Captain Hiram W. Cooke’s Mounted Ranging Company include “Hillery” Logan as well as his sons, James M. Logan, W.L. Logan, D.T. Logan, R.S. Logan, and W.H. Logan.
Tax list, Coryell County, Texas, 1861
Hillary Logan
Jas. Logan is the next person listed. D.T. Logan also is listed.
Inventory by D.T. Logan
Town Lot N B K $100.00
1 Poll
D.T. Logan

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