So what’s in a profile?

Most of Logan Connections consists of “profiles” of individuals or couples and their families. So, what’s a “profile”?

A profile in Logan Connections is an outline of a person or couple from the earliest we know about them until the last we know: usually where they died and are buried. A typical profile averages 4-7 pages. If someone died young, a profile may be only a page or two. But some are much more detailed and lengthy. On people who lived a long time ago, profiles are dependent on what information we may have, of course. But I’ve tried to craft profiles so descendants and relatives can get a feel of what their life was like at a certain time and place. One profile may have a lot of information about a person’s religion and occupation. Another might include military information. Some have interesting land and tax records. Others have detailed estate records which let us see what life was really like for people. All profiles include spouses and children when known. The hope is that a profile will open a window into a person’s life in some detail.

For those interested in sources and citations, and where to find more information about a person, couple, and/or family, I’ve included that in smaller print under each entry. If this isn’t your cup of tea, you can just ignore the sources and read on.

Click on the links below to see some excerpts so you can get a feel for what profiles consist of.

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