About our indexer

At a Logan family reunion in Kentucky many moons ago, Sue Pearson Carpenter, a distant cousin I’d never met, generously offered to index the in-the-early-works Logan Connections book when the time came for publishing. Far too long afterward, I took Sue up on her kind offer. (Yes, she was still eager and willing and as good as her word.)

Even as the book ballooned in size and scope and expanded from one volume to two, Sue never wavered. This was not an easy indexing task. Sue had to grapple with thousands upon thousands of names, many with a myriad of alternate spellings.

I don’t know what went on behind the scenes. Sue may have screamed in the night as the indexing seemed never to end, but she never uttered one discouraging word to me or indicated in any way that this Logan book was getting out of hand. Do you know how encouraging — and refreshing — that was? Especially when hard drives were crashing and visions of legions of upset family members were dancing in my head.

A big thank you to Sue Pearson Carpenter, Volunteer Extraordinaire!


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