The gift that keeps on giving

crestHave you considered donating a copy of Logan Connections to your local, regional, and state:

  • Library?
  • Genealogical society ?
  • Historical society?

You certainly want to have a personal copy for yourself and your family. But what about the wandering soul who comes to town to find out more about their roots? Not just now, but in a few years? Where might that person get more information? Where would they look? Their first stop is probably going to be the local library and genealogical or historical society.

Donating a copy would be a great way to help other family members and allied families looking for connections. Long after we’re gone, the book will remain to help guide and steer others in their quest for more information about their family — and themselves.

Please consider donating a copy of Logan Connections. It can be one of those “gifts that keeps on giving” and is a nice way to help others. Thank you.

(To help get us started, I’ve donated a copy to the Wisconsin State Historical Society Library in Madison.)

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