Our Logans: some significant dates and events

Part two: 1800-1838

  • 1800: Great Revival (Second Great Awakening) begins in Kentucky; sweeps much of the country; strongly influences those who experience Joseph Logan’s preaching
  • c. 1800: Another of our Drury Logans is born in Kentucky
  • 1801: Pioneer Baptist ministers Joseph Logan and John Hightower help constitute Upper Difficult Church, later renamed Bethlehem, Warren (now Allen) County, KY
  • early 1800s: Reuben Logan appears in records of Bedford and Lincoln counties, TN
  • 1803: Louisiana Purchase
  • 1807: Zachariah Logan, Joseph Logan’s son, marries Peggy Brown, Warren County, Kentucky
  • War of 1812: From York District, SC: Drury, Elijah, and William Logan serve with 1st Regiment, South Carolina militia, as does Britten Boleyn, future spouse of Margaret Logan, daughter of William Logan (of the 4 brothers at Kings Mountain)
  • Creek Indian War/War of 1812: Reuben Logan of Mulberry valley, TN, serves with Tennessee Volunteers in the Creek War
  • 1812: Reuben Logan marries Elizabeth Ingle in Lincoln County, Tennessee
  • 1812: Louisiana admitted to statehood (April 30)
  • 1812: Baptist preacher, Joseph Logan, dies in Warren County, Kentucky (October)
  • 1814: Zachariah Logan, Joseph’s son, leaves Lincoln County, TN: “gone to Kentucky”
  • 1816: Indiana admitted to statehood (December 11)
  • 1817: Mississippi admitted to statehood (December 10)
  • 1818: Illinois admitted to statehood (December 3)
  • 1819: Panic of 1819 begins (major impact on South Carolina, especially enslaved)
  • 1819: Alabama admitted to statehood (December 14)
  • 1821: Missouri admitted to statehood (August 10)
  • 1828: Andrew Jackson elected 7th President, first Scots-Irish president. Serves from 1829-1837
  • 1829: Drury Logan moves from Kentucky to North Carolina, an atypical west-to-east move. Marries Mary Addington in Macon County, North Carolina
  • 1830: Levi Logan, son of Drury Logan and Elizabeth Weist Logan of Rutherford County, North Carolina, enumerated in 1830 in Macon County, North Carolina
  • 1832: William Logan (4 brothers) applies for Revolutionary War pension, York County, South Carolina
  • 1832: Drury Logan applies for Revolutionary War pension, Rutherford County, NC
  • 1833: William Logan (4 brothers) dies, York County, South Carolina
  • 1835: Drury Logan dies, Rutherford County, North Carolina
  • 1835-1837: William Logan and Joanna Cason Logan family moves with the “South Carolina Colony” — mostly Baptists — to Claiborne and Bienville parishes, Louisiana
  • 1836: Arkansas admitted to statehood (June 15)
  • 1837: Panic of 1837 begins
  • c. 1837-1838: Zachariah and Peggy Logan and extended family move from Allen County, Kentucky, to southern Illinois (St. Clair and Perry counties)

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