Our Logans: some significant dates and events

Part 3: 1840-1860

  • c. 1840-1845: Levi and Drury Logan families move from Macon County, North Carolina, to Union County, Georgia
  • 1845: Reuben Logan dies, Lincoln County, Tennessee
  • 1845: Texas admitted to statehood (December 29)
  • 1845: James K. Polk elected. Second Scots-Irish President
  • 1846-1848: Mexican-American War: Captain Littleberry Logan of Bedford County, TN, serves with Tennessee Volunteer Infantry. John Benjamin Ragland of Perry County, IL, serves with 2nd Illinois Volunteer Foot. Wounded at Battle of Buena Vista.
  • 1846: Iowa admitted to statehood (Dec. 28)
  • 1848: Wisconsin admitted to statehood (May 29)
  • 1850: California admitted to statehood (September 9)
  • 1852: Elizabeth Ingle Logan and family move from Tennessee to Newton and Lawrence counties, Missouri
  • c. 1854: Hillary Logan and Abigail Wallace Logan family moves from Bienville Parish, LA, to Coryell County, Texas
  • 1857: Panic of 1857 begins
  • c. 1857-1860: Joab Logan and Telitha Dodson Logan family moves from Perry County, IL, to Benton County, Missouri
  • 1857: James Buchanan elected. Third Scots-Irish President
  • 1858: Minnesota admitted to statehood
  • 1860: Drury Logan of Union County, Georgia, donates land for Shady Grove Methodist Campground


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