Some of the larger book profiles

Here’s a sampling of some of the larger profiles in Logan Connections (number of pages is approximate):

  • 38 pages: John Randolph Logan, Sarah Patterson Jackson, and Harriet Emily Allison
  • 25 pages: Al Logan, Grace G. Harris, and DeeIna R. Buhrman
  • 24 pages: Ransom P. Logan and Belinda/Melinda Gladden
  • 22 pages: Lucinda “Cindy” Logan and Robert M. Carrick
  • 20 pages: Drury Logan and Sarah “Sally” Moore; William Logan and Jane Margaret Black; John Logan and spouses; Zachariah Logan and Peggy Brown
  • 18 pages: Reuben Logan and Sarah Thackston/Thaxton and Sarah Stewart
  • 16 pages: Patrick Henry Gaffney Logan and Sarah Elizabeth Howell and Susie Showns; Joseph Logan and Anna “Annie” Bias; James W. Logan and Eveline Wilson; Reuben C. Logan and Anna “Annie” Guthrie
  • 15 pages: Moses Moore and spouses; Margaret Logan and Britten Boleyn; Mahala Logan and Dillingham Dodson
  • 14 pages: David Jackson Logan and Sarah “Sallie” Rowell; Levina Logan and William B. Cockrill/Cockrell; Drury “Boy” Logan and Adeline “Addie” Lovina Russell; William Logan and Matilda Thackston/Thaxton

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