Reviews of “Logan Connections” book pouring in on April 1st

Reviews of Logan Connections: Genealogy, History, and DNA are cascading in on this first day of April for some reason. What do our legions of crackerjack reviewers have to say?

  • A reader from What Cheer, Iowa, writes: “A great cure for insomnia. Thank you.”
  •  A multi-tasker from Enigma, Georgia, pens (figuratively) this comment: “Not only a handy reference, but a super-efficient doorstop, too.”
  • A Paw Paw, Illinois, correspondent is already planning for Christmas: “Boy, are my in-laws going to be surprised THIS Christmas. I’d like 5 more books, please.”
  • A perceptive commentator from Whynot, North Carolina, claims: “The book compares favorably with the best of Hemingway, Faulkner, and Twain. That’s Harold Hemingway, Joe Don Faulkner, and Hank Twain.”
  • A Logan sibling from Bug Tussle, Oklahoma, writes about the book: “It ain’t heavy. It’s my brother’s.”
  •  A scholar from Oatmeal, Texas, points out that “density is the ratio of mass to volume.”
  • An astute observer from Yeehaw Junction, Florida, notes that the book is “filled with words, including many nouns and pronouns. Dates, too.”
  • An anonymous contributor from Possum Trot, Kentucky, enigmatically points out that “you can’t judge a book by its cover.”
  • Writing from West Thumb, Wyoming, a creative thinker suggests the book should have a theme: “Supporting chiropractors since 2016.”
  • A blogger from Zzyzx, California, comments: “‘Pound-for-pound’ is a term usually associated with boxing, not books.”
  • George McFly of Hill Valley, California, says: “This book is my density.”
  • Milly Jones of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, wonders “How long are these [censored] stacks of books going to be in my basement?”

Thank you, loyal readers one and all.

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