Book donations: York Library, York, York County, South Carolina, and Cherokee County Library, Gaffney, Cherokee County, South Carolina

A donor who wishes to remain anonymous has donated a set of Logan Connections books to the York Library in York, South Carolina, and the Cherokee County Library in Gaffney, South Carolina.

There are scores of libraries, historical societies, and genealogical societies in numerous states which would be ideal locations for Logan Connections: Genealogy, History, and DNA. The greater the access, the more information about our extended families can be shared and improved upon.

Please consider donating a book today: the proverbial genealogical “gift that keeps on giving.”

Reunions, graduations, and Christmas, oh, my!

We’ve had several people asking if there are still books available for graduation presents, summer family reunions, and, looking ahead, Christmas presents and stocking stuffers (the stocking will have to be a fairly large one). Others of you have said you’re thinking about donating a book to a genealogical or historical society or library, but wanted to review the book first. We understand.

We know it just takes time for the word to filter to kids, grandkids, nephews and nieces, and cousins. And most people want to see the book first.

With those things in mind, we printed what we hope are enough books to accommodate everyone’s needs and time frame. Thank you to everyone who either pre-ordered orĀ  ordered a book. And it’s not too late to order a book. Thanks for helping get the word out to family and allied families!