Tax lists, Warren County, Kentucky, 1797-1807

From Early Tax Lists of Warren County, Kentucky, 1797-1807 by Barbara Oliver Ford and Patricia Ennis Reid:

1799: Bias Logan

1800: William Logan, Joseph Logan, Joseph Logan, Jr., Bias Logan, Reuben Logan

1801: No Logans listed, but Ford and Reid note that parts of this tax list are hard to read.

1802: Joseph Logan, Rubin Logan, Byas Logan, Joseph Logan, William Logan

1803: Bias Logan, Reuben Logan, William Logan, Joseph Logan, Sr., Joseph Logan, Jr.

1804: Joshua Logan, Bias Logan, Joseph Logan, Sr., William Logan, Zachariah Logan, Joseph Logan, Jr.

1805: Tobias Logan, Joshua Logan, Joseph Logan, Jr., William Logan

1806: Joseph Logan, William Logan

1807: William Logan, Joseph Logan, Joshua Logan, Phillip Logan


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