Estate settlement of Jasper N. Thaxton, Washington County, Illinois, killed in Civil War, 1864

Jasper Newton Thaxton married Harriet C. Rice in Washington County, Illinois. They had 2 children: Delilah and Thomas. Jasper N. Thaxton served in Co. B, 111th Illinois Infantry, US (Union). He was killed in the assault on Ft. McAllister 13 December 1864, shot in the stomach. Stomach wounds in the Civil War were usually fatal. He is buried at Beaufort National Cemetery, Beaufort, SC. His widow, Harriet C. Rice Thaxton, received one-third of Jasper N. Thaxton’s estate, and the children received two-thirds. Her father, Jeremiah Rice, was the administrator of Jasper Thaxton’s estate.

Jasper Newton Thaxton’s brother, Sampson A. Thaxton, was killed 14 August 1864 in the fighting around Atlanta. He is buried at Marietta National Cemetery, Marietta, Georgia.

Jasper and Sampson’s mother, Delilah Thaxton, filed for a pension as the dependent of two mothers killed fighting for the Union in the Civil War on 2 January 1870.

Jasper N. Thaxton.jpg


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