William Logan witnesses deed, Spotsylvania County, Virginia, 1725

William Logan witnessed a deed between Samuel Loyd of St. George’s Parish, Spotslyvania County, Virginia, and John Roy of St. Mary’s Parish, Essex County, Virginia, 30 October 1725 (recorded 2 November 1725) in Spotsylvania County. The other witnesses were John Chew, Richard Bayless, and Wm. John Jones. Wm. Logan made his mark, being unable to sign his name.

Other names mentioned in the deed include Thomas Freeman, William Parke or Parker, Robert Beverley, William Huck(?), and Robert Bovor(?). William Waller signed for the Spotsylvania County Court.

As was customary in deeds at this time and place, a rent of one ear of Indian corn due on the Feast of St. Michael the Arch Angel is referenced.

Wm. Logan, Spotsylvania Co, VA, 1725.jpg


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