Logan siblings and World War II, Washington, Washington County, Iowa

John Logan, U.S. Navy

John Logan in Navy uniform (1).jpg

Theo Logan, WAVES, U.S. Navy, with parents: Al and DeIna Ruth Buhrman Logan

Theo, Al Logan, DeIna Logan (1).jpg

Maxine DeIna Logan (Jones), WAVES, U.S. Navy

Logan, Maxine DeIna, 1945.jpg

Front row, left: Marge Logan. Back row, right: Katie Logan. Katie and Marge worked in the war industry in Tulsa, Oklahoma, during WWII. These are the five roommates in Tulsa.

Marge, Katie, Theo, Denver.jpg

Jay and Jack were too young to serve, but they were clearly doing their part in 1944. Here, standing at attention with their dad, Al Logan.

Jay Logan 9.jpg

Jack and Jay with wanna-be member of the K9 Corps, Washington, Washington County, Iowa.

Jay Logan.jpg

Brother James Logan did his part as a farmer during the war. I don’t have a photograph of him farming.

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