Charity Logan Andrews’ application for membership in the Cherokee Nation, Dawes Commission, 1896

Several members of our Logan family claimed Cherokee citizenship “by blood” through their descent from either Zachariah Logan or Washington Logan (Euclid Washington Logan or E.W. Logan). William Logan, son of Zachariah Logan, was among them. Here,  below, he is attesting to Charity Logan Andrews’ eligibility for Cherokee citizenship through her father Washington Logan via his father, Robert (S.) Logan. Zachariah Logan and Robert S. Logan were sons of Joseph Logan and Anna “Annie” Bias Logan. The commission set up to make these eligibility determinations was the Dawes Commission.

All of our Logan applicants were denied membership in the Cherokee Nation. It should be noted that, before DNA analysis and more exacting genealogical research methodology, people often were said to have “Indian blood” if they had so-called Native American features, e.g. high cheekbones, dark hair, and dark skin. Sometimes these clues led to tribal ancestry; more often, they did not. Many people from many ethnicities have these features in common. A primary Logan example is General John A. Logan (not our relative) who was often said to have “Indian features.” Well, we know when his ancestors arrived in this country and there was no chance, in that brief interlude, for there to have been Native American ancestry.

While we would be proud to claim Cherokee ancestry, DNA and the “paper trail” don’t lead us down that genealogical path. Nonetheless, these Dawes Commission documents are interesting for their historical and genealogical value. Charity Logan Andrews’ application “claims her right to citizenship in [the Cherokee Nation] together with the rights of her children.” Their names and ages are: Carrie Andrews, 16; Leanora Andrews, 14; and Jessie Andrews, 11.

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