Pension record: Robert M. Carrick, Washington County, Illinois, detailing Civil War wound, health, and reason for pension increase, 1886

Lucinda “Cindy” Logan married Robert M. Carrick in 1874. He served as a private in Co. F, 10th Missouri Volunteer Infantry, U.S. (Union). He was seriously wounded in the shoulder in a classic Civil War charge at the Battle of Vicksburg 22 May 1863. The document below details his wound and other medical history. Like so many soldiers in the Civil War, Robert M. Carrick contracted measles — then a serious disease without a vaccine; measles can cause death; it can also cause sterility in men — in 1861, followed by pneumonia.

After a delayed evacuation from the Vicksburg battlefield, his arm was not amputated; however, 3 inches of his humerus bone were cut off. Over time, the muscles in his arm atrophied as a result. Robert M. Carrick was a teamster and a farmer, two highly physical occupations in the 19th century. With one arm useless and, over time, causing him more and more pain, he persevered in those occupations. He received a series of pension increases, each one necessitating medical examinations, affidavits from doctors and witnesses, and certifications from clerks and notaries public. His pension file is an inch thick and contains a wealth of information.

Scan copy (1).jpg

After Robert M. Carrick’s death, Lucinda “Cindy” Logan Carrick received a Widow’s Pension. This is an example of a page from the pension file:

Scan 1 copy.jpg


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