Elihu Logan family, 1925 Iowa state census, Morning Sun Township, Louisa County, Iowa

House Number 12: Elihu Logan, 57; Alice Logan, 55; and Harry Logan, 25.

Scan copy.jpg

Elihu Logan’s father, Reuben Logan, was born in Kentucky. Alice Logan’s father was Clark Gordon, born in Illinois. Harry Logan’s father was Elihu Logan, born in Illinois.

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Elihu Logan’s mother was Sarah Stewart (maiden name). She was born in Scotland. Alice Logan’s mother was ____ Maxwell, born in Tennessee.

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The final portion of the 1925 Iowa state census asks “What church are you affiliated with?” The three Logans’ church was “U.P.” — United Presbyterian. Elihu and, especially, Alice Logan, were motivated to move to Morning Sun to follow their minister from the U.P. church in Oakdale, Washington County, Illinois, when he was called to Morning Sun. Many others from the Oakdale area also moved to the Morning Sun area.


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