Elijah B. Logan, c. 1788-1860: Additional information

Elijah B. Logan was the son of William Logan and Jane Margaret Black Logan. He was born circa 1788 in York County, South Carolina. He married Patsy ____. They lived in Spartanburg District, South Carolina. Elijah B. Logan died of dropsy 12 February 1860 in Spartanburg District.

The information that follows is not in Logan Connections. The source is Spartanburg District, South Carolina Deed Abstracts, Books U-W and X-Z, by Larry Vehorn, Southern Historical Press, Greenville, South Carolina, 2001:

343. Page 275 6 Nov 1826, Ephraim Smith (Spartanburgh Dist) to Elijah B. Logan (same) for $25 sold a certain tract of land in said Dist, containing 50 acres more or less, on the waters of Thickety creek. Border: Prevet, Frances Little, Lee Linder, Ephraim Smith, Lick Branch. Witness. George Richards, Moses Webber. Signed Ephraim Smith. Witness oath by George Richards 2 Mar 1827 to Geo. Camp J.Q. Rec. 31 Dec. 1833

page 486 16 Dec. 1845  Jesse Hammett of Spartanburgh District to Esau Price…on Lonely Creek, branch of Thickety Creek. Witness: E.B. Logan


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