Nathan Byars, Spartanburg District/County, South Carolina, c. 1749-1846: additional information

Adelphia “Delphia” “Delpha” “Delphy” Logan married Nathan Byars or Byas. She was Nathan Byars’ second wife. His first wife was Drucilla Harrelson. Nathan Byars was born in Granville County, North Carolina, then moved to Orange County, NC. Caswell County was created out of the northern portion of Orange in 1777. We find Nathan Byars/Byas in Caswell County records until the mid-1780s when he moved to Rutherford County, NC.  Drusilla (Drucilla) Byars filed for divorce in Rutherford County in 1808. Apparently, no divorce was granted by the North Carolina Assembly. Drucilla did receive some compensation in 1808.

Delpha Logan married Nathan Byars in 1819 in Spartanburgh (Spartanburg) District, South Carolina, in 1819. In 1844, Nathan Byars applied for a pension for his Revolutionary War service. It was contested, but he eventually received a pension of $20. He died in 1846 and was buried in the graveyard which is now on the property of Cowpens National Battlefield. Delpha “Delphy” Logan Byars died after 1868 in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.

The following information was found after Logan Connections was printed. Those of you researching Adelphia Logan and/or Nathan Byars might find it helpful.

From Spartanburg County South Carolina Will Abstracts 1787-1840 by Brent H. Holcomb, Columbia, South Carolina, 1983.

“Journal of the Ordinary 1810-1816”

p. 78 14 Aug 1813 Nathan Byars applyed [sic] for a citation to admr on the estate of John Turner decd. which was granted him.

6th Sept 1813 Nathan Byars return’d the citation to adm. on the estate of John Turner, but Rebekah Turner relict of the said decd. came forward and claimed the admn.

From “Journal of the Ordinary, 1818-1819:”

Granted a citation to Nathan Byars and Joseph Price legatees of the estate of John Turner decd. against Rebekah Turner admx. of said est. Also summoned Rachel Price, Joshua Richards, Polly Price, Joseph Byars, Joseph Camp and Joseph Richars as wit.

p. 8 Nathan Byars and Joseph Price legatees of John Turner decd. vs Rebekah Turner admx. of said decd….

Abner Benson esqr. returned the citation to admr. on the estate of Sarah Turner, decd., and Nathan Byars objected, but nothing to prevent the ordinary from granting admn.

pp. 11-14. Nathan Byars and Joseph Price vs legatees of est. of John Turner decd. On a citation to revolke admn. and prove will [additional information]….

pp. 55-56 reference to “land adj to Nathan Byars….”

From Spartanburg District, South Carolina Deed Abstracts Books U-W (1827-1839), by Larry Vehorn, Southern Historical Press, Greenville, South Carolina, 2001:

Book U

590. Page 487-488 7 Jan 1828

Aspasio Earle (Rutherford County, North Carolina) to Robert S. Scruggs Junr (Spartanburgh District)…. Witness Nathan Byars Sr. [additional copy]

Book V

735. Page 586 19 Sept 1834 Anthony Gilmore (Ga) do hereby appoint Daniel Gilmore my lawful attorney to recover and receive from Elijah Turner, Executor of the Estate of Readick Arndel late of Spartanburgh Dist. Decd. all my rights, title and interest in the said Estate. Witness Joseph Camp, Nathan Byars. Signed Anthony Gilmore Witness oath by Nathan Byars 2 Jan 1836 to J. Camp J.Q. Rec. 4 Jan 1836

Page 367-368 29 Sep 1828, Richard Scruggs (Spartanburgh Dist)…conveyed…tract of land…[to my son Robert Scruggs]…on waters of Island Creek [additional copy]. Witness Nathan Byars, Drury Scruggs. Signed Richard (R) Scruggs. Witness oath by Nathan Byars Sen. 29 Sept. 1828 to Geo. Camp J.Q. Reg. 3 Apr. 1844

From Spartanburg County/District South Carolina Deed Abstracts A-T, by Albert Bruce Pruitt, Southern Historical Press, Easley, South Carolina, 1988:

Book G

p. 116-117 Mar. 1, 1800 John Sutherlin (Spartanburgh) to William Morrow (same)… Witness Nathan Byars, Jno. Bonner and David Paris

Book I

p. 423-424 May 29, 1804 James Phillips (Rutherford Co. NC) to Reuben Phillips (Spartanburgh)… Witness Jacob Phillips and Nathan Byars. Rec. Oct. 8, 1804

Book K

p. 37-38 Sept. 5, 1803 John Cooper (Spartanburgh) to John Champion, Lem Hester, Nathan Byars, and Vardry Camp, deacons of Church of Providence; for $5 sold 4 ac;  plat attached. Witness Abisha Camp and Joseph Camp. Signed John Copper. Wit. oath Mar. 25, 1805. Abisha Camp to William Lancaster. Rec. Mar. 25, 1803.

Book L

p. 337 Dec. 9, 1807 Jacob Crocker (Spartanburgh) to Joseph Byars (same); for $300 sold 286 ac.; border: Camp, Cherokee Cr.  Watson, Markley, and Green’s Cr. Witness Nathan Byars and Thomas Byars. Signed Jacob Crocker. Wit. oath Aug. 27, 1808 Thomas Byars to John Lipscom. Rec. Oct. 3, 1808.

Book O

p. 247 Apr. 3, 1815 Detithy Merriman (Bledso Co., Tenn) to Briant Bonner (Spartanburgh); for $100 sold 100 ac on Surratt’s Cr of Broad R; border: Silas Yarborough, Nathan Byars, path from Walbern Byars to the Furnace, and William Nesbitt… Rec. Mar. 8, 1815.

Book P

p. 290-291 Nov. 19, 1813 William Morress (Spartanburgh) to Wilson Nesbett (same)… Witness William Camp jr and Nathan Byars. Rec. Jul. 23, 1817.

Book S

p. 275 Jan. 14, 1824 Jacob Crocker (Spartanburgh) to Thomas Thomas (same)… Witness Nathan Byars and Shadrick Weer… Wit. oath Jan. 14, 1824 Nathan Byars to Joseph Camp. Rec. Aug. 2, 1824.

Book T

p. 135 Oct. 24, 1825 Thomas Thomas and Nathan Byars to Cabred McCraw; for $131.25 sold 211 ac on waters of Island Cr of Pacolate R; except what is in Bonner’s tract. Witness John Martin and Sterling Gorden. Signed Thomas Thomas and Nathan Byars. Wit. oath Oct. 24, 1824 John Martin to J. Camp. Rec. Nove. 12, 1825. Dower renounced Oct. 31, 1825 Nancy Thomas to Geo. Camp.



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