Tidbits: Interesting first names from “Logan Connections” (part 2)


  • Leonidas
  • Guion or Gion
  • Freeman
  • Lafayette (At one time, many Americans were named Lafayette in honor of the Marquis de Lafayette who fought with the U.S. in the Revolutionary War.)
  • Britten or Britton or Britain
  • Young
  • Lorenzo Dow (It is amazing how many Lorenzo Dow or L.D. (surname)s there once were. The well-traveled Rev. Lorenzo Dow was a celebrated itinerant Methodist preacher and religious eccentric. At one time, his autobiography was the second best-selling book in the U.S. after the Bible. In Logan Connections, there is a (true) story about how Lorenzo Dow prepared his first wife’s body for burial.)
  • Zebedee
  • Euclid Washington
  • Bias, Byas, Byes, Byars, or Byers
  • Israel
  • Farlow
  • Jasper Newton (At one time, this was an extremely common first-middle name combination. There are several Jasper Newton Logans in Logan Connections.)
  • Tisdel or Tisdell (Sometimes, because of accents, people pronounced it “Tisdale.”)


  • Jeemes
  • Zitta
  • Phala
  • Permelia (This is a name which has dropped out of use; however, it was quite popular at one time. There are many, many Permelias in Logan Connections. Unfortunately, autocorrect changed some to Perihelia and I missed them. Argh!)
  • Elissa Esadora
  • Viney
  • Pleasant
  • Ordelia
  • Lassie
  • Wawanna
  • Missouri
  • DeeIna or DeIna

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