William Guy: Statement of Washington Guy, Simpson County, Kentucky, 1898

From the Eugene Scott Brown papers, Simpson County Historical Society, Simpson County, Kentucky (transcription below)

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Sidebar note: Statement of Wash Guy made Aug 1898

Wm Guy was born in South Carolina on the ___ day of ___ 1799 & moved to Allen co. Ky with his father Wm Guy at 8 years of age and settled on Trammel Creek on abt 1 [mile?] of sd Creek on adjoining farm to Posey W. Justice where he remained till he died on or about 1885. Was a farmer & stock raiser & owned abt 300 acres of land some bottom on Trammel or a Creek running into Trammel.

His wife was Phebe Hinton daughter of Jerry Hinton from Va who lived on & cleared nearly all the land from the Tom J. Settle place to the widow Harrck? Lyles place on Franklin Road & died on Buck Creek near Buck Creek Church many years ago – 50 or more.

Said Wm Guy had sons & daughters as follows:

Ervin Lee Washington Guy – born 5 Mch 1820 & still living

Eliza – married Wm Guy son of Richard Guy & lives in Perry co. Ill. had 11 sons & daughters 1822

Benj. Walker Died some 15 to 20 ys ago in Allen co. – Was twice married 18__

Wm Shelby — died at 14 — 18__

Larkin Jasper – born 18__

Martha married a Harris & died in abt 5 ys. 18__

Pheby Adaline married a Walthall & died in Tex. 18__

Jerry Newton born 18__ & died at Guy’s Store Tex

Nancy 18__ Married Jacob Goodnight son of old Isaac

Hise died at about 12 ys of age 18__

Said Wm Guy was Constable of Allen Co. one term or about that.

Never joined any church – Never expressed any preference between Methodist & Baptist & joined none. His father was a Methodist and his mother a Baptist Used to ask a blessing at table and regarded himself commited[?].

Was strong friend of Daniel Walker & Tom C. Mulligan who used to visit him often.

Transcribed by Mike Jones. Corrections invited and welcomed.



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