In 1882, this is how some Civil War veterans spent Decoration Day

Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day.

Robert M. Carrick, a Civil War veteran who served in Co. F, 10th Missouri Volunteer Infantry Regiment, U.S.A. (Union), married Lucinda “Cindy” Jane Logan in Perry County, Illinois, in 1874. Robert M. Carrick was shot in the shoulder in a frontal assault — a classic Civil War infantry charge — at Vicksburg in 1863. Although his arm wasn’t amputated, it was nearly useless and caused him great pain. He was honorably discharged from the Army in 1863. He and Cindy and their children made their home in Washington County, Illinois. This is how he and other Civil War veterans spent Decoration Day in 1882 (and many other Decoration Days as well).

Scan (1).jpg

Source: Nashville Journal, Nashville, Washington County, Illinois, 2 June 1882

Decoration Day

Decoration at “old Elkhorn” Church yard was a very successful affair. The crowd was called together on nearly the same spot and sang the same psalm that Capt. Todd’s Company sang, as they left for the war. The old soldiers were ordered into line by Capt. Coulter; the ladies following with flowers, marched to each grave, laid upon it their offerings of love, while the Captain announced the name and Reg., where died, etc.; thus there were 62 graves decorated. A monument bearing the names of those left in the…south, was carried into the yard. There were present forty old soldiers, representing 20 Regiments, as follows: 10th Missouri Wm. Miller, R. Carrick, A.T. Kennedy, John Luney, Wm. McConnell, Joe Temple and M. Keady….

Source: Nashville Journal, Nashville, Washington County, Illinois, Friday, 2 June 1882 (excerpt)


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