Divorce: Reuben Logan v. Sarah F. Stewart (McElhaney) Logan, Crawford County, Kansas, 1871-1872

Reuben Logan was the son of Zachariah Logan and Margaret “Peggy” Brown Logan. Reuben Logan married (first) Sarah Thackston or Thaxton in 1841 in St. Clair County, Illinois. Sarah died sometime between 1860 and 1864.

Reuben Logan then married Mrs. Sarah Stewart McElhaney in 1864 in Washington County, Illinois. Sarah Stewart McElhaney was a widow. On 21 September 1866, Reuben and Sarah had a son, Elihu Z. Logan. (We assume his middle name was Zachariah for his grandfather, Zachariah Logan.) Elihu was born in Washington County, Illinois. The blended family moved to Kansas around 1867. Only a few years after the move to Kansas, around 1870, Sarah abruptly left Reuben Logan’s household, taking sons, Charles McElhaney and Elihu Logan, with her. Sarah returned to Washington County, Illinois. She, Charles, and Elihu are enumerated there in the 1870 census. “Rubin” and his children at home by first wife, Sarah, are enumerated in Crawford County, Kansas, in the 1870 census.

Reuben Logan died 6 February 1873 in Cherokee County, Kansas, burial site unknown, but assumed to be close to Girard, Kansas. Sarah F. Stewart (McElhaney) Logan died 3 November 1895 in Oakdale, Washington County, Illinois.

The divorce papers from Crawford County, Kansas, are below. It should be noted that the papers present Reuben Logan’s side since he was the one filing. Fleeing one’s husband was one of the few recourses a woman had at the time. Sarah Stewart (McElhaney) Logan never remarried.

Scan 2 copy.jpg

Scan 3 copy.jpg

Scan 4.jpg

Scan 5.jpg

The above sentence — “…the place of her residence cannot be assertained [sic] by any means….” — is a bit of a whopper since Sarah returned to Washington County where Reuben Logan still had friends, acquaintances, and relatives, including Andrew Jackson Logan, his nephew, who lived just a few households away from Sarah and her boys in Pilot Knob Township.

Scan 6 copy.jpg

When Reuben Logan died in Cherokee County, Kansas, his heirs were:

  • Lavina Guy, Oakdale, Washington County, Illinois
  • Mary Brewer, Pawnee, Bourbon County, Kansas
  • Martha Logan, Sherman City, Cherokee County, Kansas
  • Maggie Logan, Girard, Crawford County, Kansas
  • Elihu Logan, Oakdale, Washington County, Illinois
  • Malinda Logan, Sherman City, Cherokee County, Kansas
  • Wm. Logan, Sherman City, Cherokee County, Kansas
  • Jennette Logan, Sherman City, Cherokee County, Kansas

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