Obituaries of George Herndon Logan, Dallas, Gaston County, North Carolina, 1875-1935, and Alma Gertrude Westbrook Logan, Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, 1886-1962

George Herndon Logan, son of Leonidas Marion Logan and Elizabeth “Lizzie” Sarah Herndon Logan, was born 10 June 1875 in Cleveland County, North Carolina. He died 25 December 1935 in Dallas, Gaston County, North Carolina.

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Alma Gertrude Westbrook, daughter of Robert Alexander Westbrook and Emily Elizabeth Jones Westbrook, was born 9 June 1886 in Blacks Station (now Blacksburg), Spartanburg County, South Carolina. She married George Herndon Logan 26 December 1906 in Cherokee County, South Carolina. Alma Westbrook Logan died 28 June 1962 in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. Her home was in Kannapolis.

George Herndon Logan and Alma Westbrook Logan are buried at Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery, Kings Mountain, North Carolina.

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Copies furnished by Betty Logan.

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