Application of Lucina or Lousena Wade Boswell for membership in the Eastern Cherokee Nation (and accompanying funds)

Lucina or Lousena Wade was the daughter of Lucinda F. Allen Wade and Jasper C. “Jack” Wade. Lucinda F. Allen, in turn, was the daughter of Margaret J. Logan Allen and either Joseph or Lewis/Louis Allen. (This application has Joseph; other sources have his brother, Lewis or Louis Allen. After Lewis Allen’s death, Margaret married his brother, Joseph Allen.) Lucina/Lousena married Nelson Boswell.

All of these applications based on Zachariah Logan being the Native American ancestor were rejected; however, they’re helpful as genealogical sources and as reflections of what these families believed to be true at a time before DNA testing.

Lousena Boswell and Nelson A. Boswell are buried at Borland Cemetery, Cherokee County, Kansas.

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Scan 1.jpg

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