Armstead Dodson: Some estate documents, Shelby County, Tennessee, 1782-1873 (part 1)

Armstead Dodson, son of Charles Dodson and Lucy Morgan Dodson, was born 8 or 9 December 1782 in North Carolina. He married (first) Nancy Creel, daughter of Thomas and Phoebe (“Phebe”) Dodson Creel, 25 September 1804 in Warren County, Kentucky. She was born 24 July 1784. They lived in the portion of Warren County which became Allen County in 1815.

Armstead and Nancy Dodson and family moved to Madison County, Alabama, then Jasper County, Georgia; Bartow County, Alabama; and Cass County, Georgia. Nancy Creel Dodson died in Cass County, Georgia (later renamed Bartow County) in 1840.After Nancy’s death, Armstead Dodson and his family moved to DeSoto County, Mississippi. There he married (second) Mrs. Abigail N. Duty Walden.

Armstead Dodson was an enslaver. He “owned” 8 enslaved males ranging from 70 to 3 years old and 13 enslaved females ranging from 40 to 5, most of them teenagers or children.

Right before the Civil War, he and his family moved to Marshall County, Mississippi. There, his enslaved persons consisted of 9 Black and “Mulatto” males ranging from 24 to 1 year old and 11 Black females ranging from 50 years of age to 6 years old.

By the 1870 Marshall County, Mississippi, census, Armstead Dodson was blind. He died 9 July 1873 near Collierville, Shelby County, Tennessee. He is buried at Tabernacle Cemetery. His tombstone notes he was a member of the Baptist Church for 70 years, a deacon for 60, and a clerk of the church for 50 years.

The executor of his estate was his son, Dillingham Dodson. Some of Armstead Dodson’s probate records follow:

Scan copy (1).jpg

Scan 1 copy (2).jpg

1876 Mrs. A.N. Dodson Legatee “Voucher No.” $720

Feby. 26 A. E. Frankland Tax Collector “Voucher No.” $7.50

Scan 2 copy.jpg


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