1865 Illinois state census, Washington County: Elkton (now Oakdale) township

Lucy A. Logan, fourth enumeration from the top, is Lucinda “Lucy” Ann Venable Logan, widow of Carroll Bias Logan.

(The adjacent enumeration is Clark Gordon. A daughter of Clark Gordon and Jemima Maxwell Gordon, Alice Gordon, would one day marry Elihu Z. Logan, son of Reuben Logan and Sarah Jane Stewart (McElhany) Logan.)

Four households from Lucy A. Logan is Joseph Allen. He married Margaret Jane Logan, daughter of William Logan and Matilda Thackston or Thaxton Logan. Joseph Logan served with Co. D, 48th Illinois Infantry, in the Civil War. He was wounded in the left arm by a shell in the Union assault on Fort McAllister, Savannah, Georgia, necessitating amputation of his arm. He was discharged from the Army 23 March 1865 so his wounding and recovery would still have been fresh in body and mind at the time of this state census.

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