Theo Logan, Washington County, Iowa, 1918 and around 1919

Theo Helen Logan, named for her grandfather, Theodore Buhrman(n), and aunt, Helen Buhrman(n) (Chorpenning), was born 6 August 1917 in Crawfordsville, Washington County, Iowa. Theodore Buhrman(n) died in a farm accident 15 January 1917 in Washington County, Illinois.

Theo Logan, 1918

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Theo Logan, 1918

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Theo Logan and chickens, about 1919

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Theo Logan, 1918

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Are you searching for the Gass surname in southern IL? How about Harland in southern IL, later Washington County, IA? Given(s) in Washington County, IL? Or Graham in Pendleton District, SC, later Warren and Allen County, KY?

These are some of the “Allied Families and Significant Others” highlighted in Logan Connections.

  • Daniel Gass and Hanchen (various spellings) — Daniel Gass was born in either Prussia or Saxony, Germany. Hanchen — Americanized as Joanna or Hannah — was born in either Prussia or Hannover, Germany. After immigrating to the U.S., they lived first in Randolph County, then Perry County, Illinois. Three Gass sons married three Logan daughters.
  • A Gass daughter, Emma, married Thomas Jefferson Harland in Perry County, Illinois. The family later moved to Washington County, Iowa.
  • Joseph Gass remained a bachelor farmer all his life in southern Illinois.
  • William Given was Robert Given’s brother. Robert Given married a daughter of Drury Logan and Sarah Ann Lyons Logan. William Given was a Civil War veteran.
  • Green Graham was closely associated with the Logan family in Warren, later Allen County, Kentucky. One sister, Celia, married Joshua Logan. Another, Sarah “Sallie,” married Young Logan.