Letter from J.H. Spencer, author of “A History of Kentucky Baptists,” to Bethlehem Baptist Church members, Allen County, Kentucky, referencing Joseph Logan, Alexander Devin, and John Hightower

J.H. Spencer, who, with his wife, Burrilla B. Spencer, wrote “A History of Kentucky Baptists,” published in 1886, sent the following letter to the “brethren and sisters” of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Allen County, Kentucky. The letter mentions the three “master builders” of churches in early Warren and Allen counties, with Spencer writing that he can remember when “the names of Joseph Logan, Alexander Divin [Devin] and John Hightower were household words in Allen County.” He also mentions the long-time preacher, Zachariah Emerson, and notes that his (Spencer’s) great-grandmother was in the “constitution of Bethlehem (Head of Difficult) church.”

This letter was shared by the late author Martha W. Jackson. I’m unsure of the date of the letter, but it appears to have been sent shortly after publication of “A History of Kentucky Baptists,” probably in 1886.



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