Twins in our extended family, 1836 to present

The first item in the addendum to Logan Connections: Genealogy, History, and DNA is “Twins in the extended Logan family.” This section, a work in progress, of course, details known twins in the family from 1836 up until the present time. (Living twins are not named; however, their ancestors are referenced.) So far, we have found nearly 60 sets of twins — and counting.

Obviously, there were twins in the family before 1836. We welcome your help to identify and list them.

Since Logan Connections was published, a reader and new-found cousin has identified another set of twins. We’re sure there are many more. Your help is invited and welcomed.

Twins’ names are often quite interesting. Here are some we plucked from the compilation:

  • Thomas and Jefferson Cockrill
  • Jasper and Newton Logan (“Jasper Newton” combinations, usually a first and middle name, were quite the rage at one time in America. There are several Jasper Newtons in Logan Connections.)
  • Elizabeth Elnora and Elissa Esadora Garrison
  • Jonas and Junius Jackson
  • Claude and Clyde Logan
  • Milton and Millard Allen
  • Viola and Vela Williams
  • Roy and Cloy Logan
  • Lero and Lula Hunt
  • Elma and Velma Gaines
  • Lora May and Flora Kay Logan
  • Odelle and Estelle Logan
  • Velma Faye and Zelma Mae Reidelberger
  • Dillard and Millard Allison (one of three sets of twins born to Lewis and Annie Allison)

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