Obituary and Funeral Register: “Mrs. Lucinda Garrison” — Mary Lucinda Brock Garrison, Dewey, Washington County, Oklahoma, 1840-1927

The following obituary ran in the Bartlesville Morning Examiner, Bartlesville, Washington County, Oklahoma, on 5 January 1927, page 5:

Mrs. Lucinda Garrison died Monday night at 10:30 o’clock at her home on north Creek avenue. She had been in failing health for about two years due to advanced age, and would have been 86 years old had she lived until next April. Mrs. Garrison was a pioneer resident of Dewey. She made her home with a daughter, Miss Maude Garrison. Eleven of her fifteen children with many grandchildren and great grandchildren survive her.

Mary Lucinda Brock married Zachariah Milton “Cain” Garrison at Deepwater Creek township, Bates County, Missouri, 17 April 1859. Zachariah Milton Garrison was named for his grandfathers, Zachariah Logan and John Milton Garrison. Mary Lucinda Brock, daughter of Levi Thomas Brock and Mary Lucinda Hedrick Brock, was born 3 April 1840 in Silverdale, Lawrence County, Indiana.

Besides her Indiana birthplace and his Allen County, Kentucky, birthplace, Mary Lucinda and Zachariah M. Garrison lived in Bates County, Missouri; Schuyler County, Illinois; Fulton County, Illinois; back to Bates County, MO; Butler County, Kansas; Greenwood County, Kansas; Indian Territory, later Logan County, Oklahoma; and finally Washington County, Oklahoma.

Mary Lucinda Brock Garrison was the mother of 15 or 16 (possibly 17) children. (Various sources have varying numbers of children. One obituary says 15; another says 16.) When she died, either eleven or twelve of her children were still living, which also was remarkable for that time and place. She had 46 grandchildren, 49 great-grandchildren, and 3 great-great-grandchildren. She and Zachariah M. Garrison are buried at Dewey Cemetery, Dewey, Washington County, Oklahoma.

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Source: Bartlesville, Oklahoma, Public Library


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