Allied families in “Logan Connections” (part 1)

A person inquiring about Logan Connections asked about affiliated families to try and determine possible connections with her family research. To help those searching for associated families, here is a listing of the Allied Families and Significant Others” in the book:

  • Beggs / Baggs family — This is a compilation of miscellaneous records concerning the Beggs family (often pronounced “Baggs” in the old Scots-Irish fashion) from Perry and Washington counties, Illinois, and a few who moved on to Cherokee County, Kansas.
  • Benedict family — Another compilation of miscellaneous records. Much of this work began with correspondence and original research of Gladys Benedict Wilson. This section begins with Benjamin Benedict, Sr. and Mary “Molly” Ritchey in Virginia, then as they moved to Lincoln County, Kentucky; then follows their descendants in Barren, Warren, later Allen County, Kentucky, then on to Perry County, Illinois.
  • Lindsey Benedict and his three wives — Lindsey Benedict was a son of Benjamin and Mary Ritchey Benedict. His profile traces him from Warren (later Allen) County, Kentucky, to Perry County, Illinois.
  • Sampson Bethel/Bethell and Mary Cantrell — The Bethel family was closely associated with pioneer Baptist preacher John Hightower. Hightower was one of the three “master builders” of churches in Warren County, Kentucky. The others were our Joseph Logan and Alexander Devin. Sampson Bethel lived in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, as did John Hightower. The Bethels and John Hightower moved to Warren County, Kentucky. The Bethels then moved on to Warren County, Tennessee. Larkin Bethel is referenced in this section, too, as are members of the Byars family who lived in Warren County, Tennessee.
  • Sampson, Lemuel, and Isaac Cantrell — Miscellaneous records — A few records from Warren County, Tennessee, and references to Isaac Cantrell.
  • Bias, Byas, Byers, Byars, Byess, Bice, etc. surname variants — This is simply an accumulation of Bias/Byas/Byers/Byars, etc. gathered along the way. It is not intended to be an all-inclusive list. Byars/Bias, etc. families are listed in Warren County, Tennessee (above), and are scattered throughout Logan Connections.
  • Joseph M. Boleyn, W.R. Bolin, and William Bolin — These are Boleyn/Bolin families from York District, South Carolina.
  • Cason family — This section focuses on Edward Cason in Essex County, Virginia; then Spotsylvania County, Virginia. Casons are listed in Anson County, North Carolina; Halifax County, Virginia; and Edgefield District, South Carolina. Casons in the various Georgia Land Lotteries are enumerated (1805, 1807) as well as Georgia’s Gold Lottery of 1832. This section is for reference and further study.
  • Triplet or Triplett Cason — Two Triplet Casons are outlined in this section. One went to Bienville Parish, Louisiana, as did the William Logan and Joanna Cason Logan family. The other died in Georgia after 1830.

More to follow….


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