“School days, school days….” Walnut School, Washington County, Iowa, 1928

Someone inquired about the photograph we use on the Logan Connections website. Where is or was the school? What year? Who are the students? Are there any Logans in the bunch?

These happy learners are the scholars at Walnut School in Washington County, Iowa, in 1928. Walnut School is located about five miles south of Washington off Highway 1 on what is now 290th Street. The school was built in 1863 and closed in 1959. Walnut School has been nicely restored and furnished by the Walnut Women’s Club, Washington County Historical Society, and Washington County Conservation Board. They did a fantastic job. Many of the furnishings and materials are original to the school.

Here are the students’ names. (Note how many more girls than boys there were.) And yes, there are three Logan sisters in the photo.

Front row, left to right: Chello Toledo, ? Janecek, June Garrett, Maxine Logan, Dorothy Johnson, Kathleen Dunbar, Virginia Eberle, Jessie Dunbar

Second row: Kathryn Logan, ? Stone, ? Janecek, Kathryn Eberle, Eugene Stone, Lloyd McKay, Russell Eberle, ? Janecek

Third row: Leota Garrett, Ruth Stone, Theo Logan, Rosemary Dunbar, Bill Johnson, Naomi Johnson, Alfredo Toledo

Fourth row: Myrtle Coakley, Irene Stone, ? Janecek, Lorel Garrett, Everette McKay

Walnut School 1928.jpg


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