Are you researching CHEW in VA? CHORPENNING in PA & IL? COULTER in IL? DODSON in SC and KY and AL and TN? These are some of the “allied families & significant others” in “Logan Connections.”

Allied Families and Significant Others, part 2:

  • Chew family in Spotsylvania County, Virginia — Primarily Larkin and Thomas Chew references
  • David Chorpenning and Sophia Bomden — From Fayette County, Pennsylvania to Washington County, Illinois
  • John Chorpenning — From Fayette or Somerset County, Pennsylvania, to Washington County, Illinois
  • Archibald Coulter and his three wives — Born in South Carolina, Archibald Coulter moved to southern Illinois where he was a highly successful miller (St. Clair County). Later, he moved his milling business to DeWitt County, Illinois.
  • Charles Dodson and Lucy Morgan — Charles Dodson was born in Virginia. He married Lucy Morgan in (probably) North Carolina. They lived in Pendleton District, South Carolina. Charles was a minister at Keowee Church, a church Joseph Logan also was affiliated with. Charles and Lucy and their family moved to Warren County, Kentucky, the portion that later became Allen County. The Dodsons and Logans were co-religionists and neighbors and the families intermarried.
  • Elisha Jefferson Dodson and Betsy G. Wren and Jane Elizabeth Blackwell — Elisha was born in North Carolina. He received a Grant South of Green River in Warren County, Kentucky, in 1799. He later moved to Madison County, Alabama, then later to Marshall County, Tennessee.

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