Summary of Logan-affiliated families and friends, Washington County, Iowa, 1930 census

Brighton Township

#33 Toledo, Joe, 42, Laborer Steam Railroad; Mary Toledo, 43; Freddie Toledo, 13; Chelo Toledo, 6; Lloyd Rios, 25, Lodger, Laborer Steam Railroad

#35 Ralph M. Chorpenning, 32, Overseer, Cattle Farm Ranch; Lena C. [Rohlfing] Chorpenning, 30

#36 William M. Giacomo, 26, Laborer, Cattle Farm Ranch; Elsie I. Giacomo, 17; Alice L. Giacomo, 6/12

Cedar Township

Russel Chorpenning, 17, Laborer Farming, Brother-in-law living with:

C.H. Anderson, Sadie E. [Chorpenning] Anderson, Phyllis A. Anderson

Griggs families: #70: Armour Griggs, Faye D. Griggs, Leurila[?] Griggs; #71 D.C. Griggs, Annie H. Griggs, Orville L. Griggs, Oneita Griggs, Russel L. Griggs, Duane C. Griggs

Dutch Creek Township

#140 Tom Porter, 55, Farmer; Flora [sic: Cora] [Logan Chorpenning] Porter, 57; Melvin Chorpenning, 22, Farm Hand

West Chester, Franklin Township

#5 Herald L. Griggs, Hazel Griggs; Betty D. Griggs

#27 James R. Griggs, Bertha M. Griggs, Leland C. Griggs; Clyde J. Griggs

#32 Earl Griggs, Clara E. Griggs

#41 Lem C. Logan, 63, Laborer Odd Jobs; Margaret E. Logan, 57; Harriett Logan, 14, attends school

#47 Daniel Gass, 59, Laborer Odd Jobs; Lottie [Logan] Gass, 54; Liela [sic: Leila] [Grace Logan], niece, attends school; Esther McCullum, 19, roomer, Operator, Telephone

Franklin Township

#16 Earl E. Chorpenning, Laborer, Farming; Genion[sic] Chorpenning, 24; Mildred A. Chorpenning, 2 11/12; Ruth M. Chorpenning, 1 6/12

#39 Ruben [sic: Reuben] Chorpenning, 36, Farming; Helen J. [Buhrman] Chorpenning, 32

#109 James Chorpinning [sic: Chorpenning], 38, Farmer; [Theresia] Chorpenning, 40; Gladys L. Chorpenning, 15; Lester Chorpenning, 12; Everette R. Chorpenning, 10

Marion Township

#162 Allen Logan, 45, Farmer; DeIna R. [Buhrman] Logan, 36; Theo H. Logan, 12; Kathryn Logan, 10; Maxine D. Logan, 8; Margery A. Logan, 5; John A. Logan, 3; James Logan, 2/12





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