Gass-Logan-Nehrkorn-Williamson Reunion, 2016

The Gass-Logan-Nehrkorn-Williamson annual reunion at the Community Center in Tamaroa, Illinois, last weekend was another success: nice turnout; wonderful home-cooked food; good conversation; and fun. And lots of young kids there — the people who will keep this decades-long tradition going far into the future.

Our special thanks to the Cockrum family, especially Lorri, who organized and emceed the event, and Lorri’s parents, Bill and Jo Nehrkorn, who shepherded the reunion for many years and helped once again this year.

Our appreciation, too, to Jackson “Jack” Logan, who donated a copy of Logan Connections to be raffled off at the reunion.

Corrections: Bonus points: People graciously shared some corrections to Logan Connections, as follows:

  • Page 1794: Merwin Williamson died, not of a heart attack, but of a brain hemorrhage; in fact, he’d had a series of them. Our thanks to Brenda Williamson Sizemore for that information.
  • Page 1742: The photograph is mislabeled. Kate Gass is actually Laura Gass Tanner. Our thanks to Lavon Williamson Benedict for that correction.

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