Logans in Halifax County, Virginia: Searching for Drury Logan and family (part 2)

•Deed Book 7 1767-1779 Halifax County, Virginia, Marian Dodson Chiarito, 1990

ref. to deed  8 Sept 1768 “… to Joseph Ligon of Halifax Co.,…”

•List of Voters for Elections of Burgesses 1764-1769 Halifax County, Virginia, Marion Dodson Chiarito, 1986

A List of the Poll Taken at an Election of Burgess at the Courthouse of the County aforesaid 28 November 1764:

Mr. Hamp. Wade: Jo. Logan, Wm. Logan, Jno. Logan, Vardry Magby, Jas. Logan, Edw. Cason, Jno. Byer, Jr.

17 July 1765, Mr. Walter Cale: John Logan, David Logan, Jno. Logan, Jas. Logan

•Footprints from the Old Survey Book of Halifax & Pittsylvania Counties in Virginia, Roger C. Dodson, 1989

Charles Dodson, 200 bs [both sides] Buck Br of Frying Pan Cr., 16 Apr 1753

David Logan, 3 entries, 2 on Elkhorn Cr.: 26 Nov. 1747, 13 Dec. 1748; [other entry much later: 1798]

David Logan, Jr., NS Middle Fk Mayo R, 31 Oct. 1754

John Logan, NS Banister R, Br of Elk Horn Cr. [much later entry: 1786]

Thomas Logan, waters of Straightson[last portion illegible in my notes?] Cr., no date

Two references to Vardey Mackbay / Verdery Mackby, Birches Creek, 1766, 1757

Halifax County, Virginia Colonial Poll and Tithables Lists, Mary Bondurant Warren, 1991

1764 Poll Lists, 28 Day of November Anno Dom. 1764: Mr. Hamp Wade: Jas. Logan, Jno. Cason

Mr. Hamp Wade’s List 1764: Wm. Logan, Jno. Logan, Vardry Magby, Edw’d Cason

Mr. Edward Booker List 1764: Jas. Logan, David Logan, James Logan, Jo. Logan, John Logan, William Logan

Isaac Coles’ List 1769: John Logan, William Logan, 300 acres, 0 Negroe

Capt. John Lewis’ List 1768: Jo. Leggon

Plea Book 1 Halifax County Virginia 1752-1755, Marian Dodson Chiarito, 1988

5 references to John Logan; 4 references to Vardey McBee

A History of Halifax County (Virginia), Wirt Johnson Carrington, 1924

[reference to a Ligon, but after Drury Logan was in Tryon County, NC., 1779]

[references to Logans, but much later, 1779, 1807, and 1813; however, since they are wills, noted here: Will of David Logan, 22 May 1813, brother: William Logan; brother: James Logan; Will of John Logan, 10 Aug. 1807: sons: David and William Logan; Will of Richard Logan, 28 October 1779, brothers David and William Logan]

Entry Record Book, 1737-1770 (Land Entries in the Present Virginia Counties of Halifax, Pittsylvania, Henry, Franklin, and Patrick), Marian Dodson Chiarito, 1984

David Logan (9); James Logan (1); John Logan (2): both sides of Elkhorn Creek between David Logan and Cornelius Cargill’s Lines”, 1748; Michl. McDaniel … joining John Logins Back line of his land at the Elk Shoal of Banister Br.,” 1751



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