Byas, Cantrell, Moore in Caswell County, North Carolina

From Caswell County North Carolina Land Grants Tax Lists State Census Apprentice Bonds Estate Records, Katherine Kerr Kendall, Raleigh, North Carolina: Multiple Image Press:

Land Grants for Caswell County:

  • Nathan Byas, 267 acres, 10 Nov. 1784, Stones
  • Nathan Byas, 79 acres, 28 July 1779, Storied Cr.
  • Benjamin Cantrell, 15 acres, 18 Dec. 1799, Stoney Cr.
  • Joseph Cantrell, 47 acres, 3 Sept. 1778, Stoney Cr.
  • Moses Moore, 600 acres, 1 Aug. 1778, Little River

1777 Tax List of Caswell County: Nathan Byas and Joseph and Thomas Cantrell, Nash District



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