Marriage bond for Alexander Devin and Suckey / Sukey / Suke / Sueky Nowlin, Pittsylvania County, Virginia, 1791

J.H. Spencer, in A History of Kentucky Baptists, refers to Joseph Logan, John Hightower, and Alexander Devin as “the master builders” of Baptist churches in early south-central Kentucky. Logan, Devin, and Hightower worked together, often taking turns serving the pulpit in churches they helped constitute.

Below is the marriage bond for Alexander Devin and Suckey Nowlin. (Sueky / Suckey / Sukey / Suky / Suke / Sucky is a nickname for Susan or Susanna.) Because of the importance of each of these Baptist “master builders” and their interconnection, there are profiles in Logan Connections about Devin and HIghtower as well as Joseph Logan.

Devin moved from Pittsylvania County, Virginia, to Warren County, Kentucky, then later to Gibson County, Indiana Territory. J.H. Spencer in his history quotes a letter Devin wrote to Joseph Logan around 1808-1810. Alexander Devin was a member of the Indiana Constitutional Convention in 1816, helping write Indiana’s state constitution. Alexander Devin died in 1827 and Sueky Nowlin Devin in 1840. They are buried in Warnock Cemetery, Princeton, Gibson County, Indiana.

Scan copy (4).jpg

Scan 1.jpg

Source: Pittsylvania County, Virginia, Marriage Bond Book 1, page 14

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