Thought for the day

“… You work to turn the ghosts that haunt you into ancestors who accompany you. I work to be an ancestor….

This kind of story has no end. It is simply told in your own blood until it is passed along to be told in the blood of those you love, who inherit it. As it’s told, it is altered, as all stories are in the telling, by time, will, perception, faith, love, work, by hope, deceit, imagination, fear, history and the thousand other variable powers that play upon our personal narratives. It continues to be told because … the story carries with it the rebirthing seed of renewal….

The tree sprouts, its branches thicken, mature, bloom. It is scarred by lightning, shaken by thunder, sickness, human events…. Drawn black, it grows itself back toward light, rising higher … while thrusting itself deeper, more firmly, into the earth. Its history and memory retained, its presence felt.”

Born to Run, Bruce Springsteen, 2016


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