Funeral record: Dillingham Ragland, Burns Bros. Funeral Records, Coulterville, Illinois, 1914

Dillingham Ragland, son of Benjamin Ragland and Nancy Dodson Ragland, was born in 1824 in Allen County, Kentucky. Dillingham’s mother, Nancy Dodson, was the daughter of Dillingham Dodson and Mahala Logan Dodson. Mahala, in turn, was the daughter of Joseph Logan and Anna “Annie” Bias Logan. She was Zachariah Logan’s sister.

Dillingham Ragland married Ruth A. Maxwell in 1845 in Washington County, Illinois.  Ruth was born in 1825 or 1826 in Bedford County, Tennessee.

Dillingham Ragland died 16 June 1914 at his farm, north of Winkle, Perry County, Illinois. His funeral was 17 June 1914. He was buried at Swanwick Bethel Cemetery. The old Bethel Cemetery register has his and Ruth’s place of burial as Row 6 Center. The following is from the Burns Bros. Funeral Records:

  • Ragland, Dillingham, pg. 124, June 17, 1914
  • Charge to: Alvin
  • Date of funeral: June 17
  • Place of death: Farm North Winkle
  • Funeral services at: Residence
  • Time of funeral service: 3 p.m.
  • Clergyman: Rv. (?) Syfert
  • Date of death: June 16
  • Aged: 90 years
  • Size/style of casket: 6 ft. Plane [sic: plain] Broad Cloth
  • Outside box: Pine
  • # of handles: Six Satten [sic: satin]
  • Interment at: Swanwick Cemetery
  • Price of casket or coffin: $50.00
  • Burial robe: $5.50

Source: Burns Bros. Funeral Records, first seen at private residence in 1979, now in Coulterville Public Library, Coulterville, Randolph County, Illinois; old Bethel Cemetery Register, researched by Stella Runyon


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