Graves-Logan Bible: Armanda Reumina Logan Graves, shared by Melba Riedel

These Bible pages were copied, transcribed, and shared by ace researcher, Melba Riedel.

The Bible was brought by Armanda when she moved from Allen County, Kentucky, to Texas. According to Melba, the family believes the Bible belonged to Armanda Reumina’s mother, Nancy Taylor Logan, Robert J. Logan’s wife.

The first four children listed are those of Sarah Mahala “Haley” Logan Graves and John D. Allen Graves. The last three are Armanda Reumina Logan Graves’ and Michael Jackson Graves’ children.

Scan 5.jpeg

Melba Riedel believes this to be Nancy Taylor Logan’s writing.

Scan 1 2.jpeg

Scan 2 3.jpeg

The following is believed to be one of Nancy Taylor Logan’s children’s writing. Melba notes it is not Armanda Reumina’s handwriting.

Scan 3 3.jpeg

Scan 4 3.jpeg


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