Court case: Lucretia Rainey vs. Drury Logan, DeWitt County, Illinois, 1871

Drury Logan, son of Zachariah Logan and Margaret “Peggy” Brown Logan, was involved in a court case brought by Lucretia Rainey on a Writ of Replevin in DeWitt County, Illinois. “Replevin” refers to property wrongfully held or taken by a defendant. (It is one of the oldest actions in English Common Law.) In this case, it appears that Drury Logan believed an arrangement he had with Lucretia Rainey’s deceased spouse was valid and he (Drury Logan) believed a bay horse “Six or Seven years old” was rightfully his. Widow Rainey disagreed. Drury Logan lost and filed an appeal to the Circuit Court. It appears he lost his appeal as well.

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