Logan mysteries, enigmas, conundrums, and brick walls

DNA analysis has taken us farther back in time while simultaneously bringing our Logan lines closer together. Paper and digital searches continue apace. Yet, despite decades of searching by many people, we still have several major unsolved Logan genealogical puzzles. Here are a few:

  1. How do the four major Logan lines connect and where? Who is the common ancestor?
  2. Who is (are) the immigrant ancestor(s)? When did he/she arrive in the colonies? Might it have been William Logan of Spotsylvania County, Virginia? Or, perhaps his parent or parents?
  3. How does Margaret Logan of old Rappahannock County, Virginia, connect with our Logans? Or does she?
  4. Who was William Logan’s spouse? (A spouse is cited in certain DAR submissions, but I’m uncertain of the source or proof. Perhaps some of you have more information or can clarify.)
  5. Who are the parents of William Logan (Edgefield County, SC), Reuben Logan (TN), and Drury Logan (Halifax County, VA)?

On the Joseph Logan and Anna “Annie” Bias line:

  1. How do all the Bias, Byas, Byers, Byars, Bice, etc. lines fit together? Has anyone been able to sort this out?
  2. So far, no one has found a marriage record for John Black Logan. Does one exist?
  3. What religion was Zachariah Logan? We assume Baptist because of his father and siblings, but no one (to my knowledge) has found a church record whether in the Carolinas, Kentucky, Tennessee, or Illinois. Is there a reason we haven’t?

There are dozens more Logan riddles, great and small. Please feel free to add them to this list and/or comment.



4 thoughts on “Logan mysteries, enigmas, conundrums, and brick walls

  1. Hi there! I stumbled across your site through researching my ancestors and I believe there is a connection with my family. I say I believe this is a connection because I have traced my ggggg grandfather to Esom Logan, whose father was John Logan from the Battle of King’s Mountain. Esom had a son named Rial or Royal (not sure) who married Hannah Logan. Hannah is the reason for my research because I have been told that she was full blooded Cherokee. The trail with Hannah ends there and I cannot find out any more information. I am fascinated with finding more information about my gggg grandmother due to her heritage. If you have ANY information regarding a Hannah Logan who married Rial or Royal Logan (son of Esom), please email me! Thank you! Amy K.


  2. I replied to Amy in a private email, but wanted to publicly share a few things and ask for your help with Rial or Royal Logan. In brief, I told Amy I had only a few things about Rial and wasn’t entirely sure of the proof / sources, so I didn’t include him in “Logan Connections.” Of course, we’re still very interested in him and want to learn more. I shared the Esom Logan information from the book and commented briefly about potential Cherokee roots. If you have more information on Rial or Hannah Logan, please let us know. Thank you.


    • Aww! Thank you very much.for putting this out there! I haven’t forgotten to email you the info I have so far, just been caught up at work and with holiday stuff! Hopefully tomorrow or this weekend, I can forward you what I have and hopefully figure out if there is a connection! And hopefully find out who my ggggg grandma, Hanah, was and where she originated from. She is a deep, dark mystery! Take care and Happy Holidays to all!!



    • Aww! Thank you very much for putting this out there! I haven’t forgotten to email you the info.I have so far on my Logan’s. I’ve gotten caught up at work and with holiday shopping. Hopefully I will get a chance tomorrow or this weekend. Again, thank you and hopefully someone has some information that can helprovide determine if there is a connection!

      Happy Holidays!
      Amy K.


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