GUY members of Trammel Fork Baptist Church, Allen County, Kentucky, 1850-1902 (with Logan and Dodson notes)

The following information was researched by David C. Smith of Pembroke, Kentucky, and compiled as “Minutes of the Trammel Fork Baptist Church 1819-1994, Allen County, Kentucky.” It is posted on the Allen County, Kentucky, genealogy website:

The first 15 years of Trammel Fork Baptist Church history are missing. Author David C. Smith breaks the membership down by clusters of years. This doesn’t mean someone was a member for the full time; rather, that their period of membership falls within that particular time frame. Items in parentheses are from Smith; items in brackets from Jones.

  • Amanda M. Guy, 1870-1889 — [Note: Amanda M. Logan, daughter of Robert S. Logan and Rebecca T. Dodson Logan, married Vincent (Vinson) Guy, son of Samuel Guy and Nancy Hinton Guy.]
  • Anna Guy, 1870-1889, 1890-1902 (notation: now Briley)
  • C.J. Guy, 1890-1902
  • Charles P. Guy, 1870-1889, 1890-1902
  • Cora M. Guy, 1890-1902
  • Comelia M. Guy, 1890-1902
  • Elizabeth Guy, 1890-1902, died 2/13/1891
  • Emily A. Guy, 1870-1889 (notation: now Dodson/discharged by letter) [Note: Emily “Belle” A. Guy married Lewis McKendry “Mac” Dodson, son of Joseph Logan Dodson and Mahala Reader or Reeder Lovell. Joseph Logan Dodson was the son of Dillingham Dodson and Mahala Logan Dodson. He was named for pioneer Baptist minister, Joseph Logan, Mahala Logan’s father.]
  • Harry C. Guy, 1890-1902
  • Herschell G. Guy, 1890-1902
  • John E. Guy, 1850-1869 (notation: died 1860) [Note: John E. Guy was the son of Mathias or Mathis Guy and Mariah Duncan Guy.]
  • Lady Guy (1), 1890-1902 (notation: now Harmon, dead)
  • Lady Guy (2), 1890-1902 (notation: now Meredith)
  • M.J. Guy, 1890-1902 (notation: died 10/1896)
  • Martha J. Guy, 1870-1889
  • Mary C. Guy, 1890-1902 (notation: now Cooksey)
  • Merty Guy, 1890-1902 (notation: died 1902)
  • Minnie B. Guy, 1890-1902
  • O.S. Guy, 1890-1902
  • Olivia Guy, 1870-1889, 1890-1902 (notation: now Cushenberry)
  • Ollie B. Guy, 1890-1902 (notation: now Pearson)
  • Otie/Ota Guy, 1870-1889, 1890-1902 (notation: now Patton, died 1902)
  • Proctor Guy, 1890-1902
  • R.E. Guy, 1890-1902
  • Rebecca F. Guy, 1850-1869 (notation: discharged by letter)
  • Robert Guy, 1890-1902 (notation: died 1907)
  • Robert S. Guy, 1870-1889 (notation: excluded 9/6/1884) [Note: Son of Amanda M. Logan Guy and Vincent/Vinson Guy.]
  • Sidney N. Guy, 1850-1869 (notation: died 8/10/1860)
  • Susan J. Guy, 1870-1889, 1890-1902 (notation: now Pruitt, died 1899)
  • Toy Guy, 1890-1902 (notation: now Griffin)
  • V.A. Guy, 1890-1902
  • Vinson Guy, 1870-1889 — [Note: Spouse of Amanda M. Logan Guy. Please see above.]
  • William E. Guy, 1870-1889 (notation: excluded 1/6/1877)
  • Wm. W. Guy, 1870-1889

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