Connections between the Logan and Gaffney families featured in Cherokee County, South Carolina, newsletter

The Cherokee Historical and Preservation Society (CHAPS) of Gaffney, Cherokee County, South Carolina, recently printed an article about the connections between the Gaffney and Logan families in its Autumn 2016 Journal, Volume 12 Issue 2. Titled “Book and Blog Features Information on Local Family,” the article includes a picture of Volume I of Logan Connections.

In brief: Surveyor John Randolph Logan laid out the town of Gaffney in 1873. Captain Michael Gaffney and his wife, Mary Smith Gaffney, settled at a site where two Native American trails intersected. The same paths were used by the Anglo-American settlers, of course. Soon, the Gaffney home and tavern became known as Gaffney’s Cross Roads, ultimately Gaffney.

A Gaffney son, Henry Green Gaffney, married Elizabeth Sarah Logan, John R. Logan’s sister. In 1847, John R. and Sarah Patterson Jackson Logan had a son they named Henry Gaffney Logan. In adulthood, he went by H.G., but his family called him Gaffney. Henry Green Gaffney and Sarah Logan Gaffney had a son they named John Logan Gaffney. Thus, we have Gaffney Logan and Logan Gaffney.

Our thanks to Billy Pennington, editor of the CHAPS Journal, for the nice feature!

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