The Name’s the Thing

In Albion’s Seed — Four British Folkways in America by David Hackett Fischer, Fischer makes the point that the naming of backcountry children in America (which includes the areas where our Logans lived) was unlike anywhere else in the colonies at the time. “The onomastic customs of these people were unique.” He cites George R. Stewart’s work, American Given Names, to point out the ten most-popular names on backcountry militia lists around 1776. These will look familiar to those of us researching William Logan (1008) and affiliated family branches:

  • John
  • William
  • James
  • Patrick
  • Robert
  • Thomas
  • Charles
  • Samuel
  • Edward
  • Joseph


Bias Logan injured in coal mine, Williamson County, Illinois, 1923

Our thanks to Wayne Hinton who just posted “Non-fatal Casualties in Illinois Coal Mines 1925 and Earlier” on his website: Illinois Coal and Coal Mining History and Genealogy. Wayne compiled the list from the Illinois Annual Coal Reports.

On 1 August 1923, Bias Logan was injured in a coal mine in Williamson County, Illinois. Bias Logan was 29 years old, with 1 dependent. He lived in Herrin. His finger was injured — trolley pole. He was out of work for 45 days.