Elihu Logan: updates from the “Nashville Journal,” Nashville, Washington County, Illinois, 1902-1907

29 May 1902 — Oakdale: The new restaurant is in full blast with barbershop connected, Mr. and Mrs. Elihu Logan, proprietors.

31 March 1904 — Elihu Logan and Wm. Kemps, of Oakdale, were among our Monday’s visitors. [to Nashville].

7 April 1904 — Oakdale: The result of our town election Tuesday is as follows: Assessor, Sam. Coulter; Collector, Thos. Klene; Town Clerk; Elihu Logan; Road Com., Chas. Rountree.

7 April 1904 — Oakdale: Robert Osborn and Elihu Logan made a business trip to Pinckneyville last Wednesday.

22 September 1904 — Court House News: Sarah Logan by heirs, to Elihu Logan, Q.C., lots 5 and 7, block 8, Oakdale, $75.

2 February 1905 — Elihu Logan, of Oakdale, was among our city’s visitors Monday. [“Our city” is Nashville.]

8 March 1906 — Oakdale: A surprise was tendered Mr. and Mrs. Elihu Logan, Wednesday evening, it being their wedding anniversary. Their friends presented them a beautiful rug.

29 March 1906 — Oakdale: Elihu Logan made a trip to St. Louis last week, preparing for summer trade.

16 August 1906 — Oakdale: Elihu Logan has moved his barber chair and furniture into the front of the Kennedy store for this month.

7 February 1907 — Oakdale: Elihu Logan, Lann Hunter and Wm. Kleinschmidt visited the county capital Tuesday.

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