Some Logan (and affiliated families) references, “Nashville Journal,” Nashville, Washington County, Illinois, 1879, 1902, 1903, 1904, 1905, 1906

25 April 1879: Oakdale (property tax): Sarah Logan is listed.

10 July 1902: Personal Property Tax, Oakdale Township: Elihu Logan is listed.

15 October 1903: Rice: Bert Logan and Wm. Folden, of Pinckneyville, spent Sunday among friends here.

23 June 1904: Rice: Misses May and Lucy Logan, of Pinckneyville, called on friends here Wednesday.

17 August 1905: Oakdale: Ivenson [sic: Iverson] Jones is supplying our town with a nice grade of melons.

6 September 1906: Misses Gail and Dorris Watson, of Ashley, were the guests of Miss Reba Meyer, Sunday. [Gail Watson married Robert O. Logan.]


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