Enhanced photo, Fair Grounds, Pinckneyville, Perry County, Illinois, 1912

Photograph, Fair Grounds, Pinckneyville, Perry County, Illinois, circa 1912 (some Logans included) - enh2 - orig size.jpg

On April 23, 2017, we posted this wonderful photograph furnished by Sharon Pursell Wright. Another cousin, Patrick Logan, has provided an enhanced version (above). Patrick’s work brings out the facial expressions, the checkered pattern in the dresses, and the facial hair on the gentlemen. Our thanks to both Sharon and Patrick!

  1. Scott Miller (son)
  2. John Miller (father)
  3. Fannie Miller (mother)
  4. Charlie Miller (son)
  5. James W. Logan (Union Civil War veteran)
  6. James Wayland “Wale” Logan (father)
  7. Edna Lou Logan (mother)
  8. Verna Logan (daughter) (married, first, Choisser; second, Van Horn; third, Setzkorn)
  9. Labeled Choisser Van Horn [assume this is Rex Choisser?]
  10. ?
  11. ?
  12. [second row] Josie Taylor (father)
  13. Pauline Taylor (daughter)
  14. ?
  15. Dora Taylor (mother)
  16. Ethie Morton (mother)
  17. Essie Morton (daughter)
  18. John Morton (father)
  19. Mrs. John Keene Morton
  20. Mary Tipton
  21. Joshua Tipton
  22. Asa Hall
  23. Mary (Hill) Pursell
  24. Benjamin Hill
  25. [third row?]
  26. Gladys Miller (died young)
  27. Edith Taylor (daughter) married Dempsey Keene
  28. ?
  29. Edgar Pursell
  30. Arthur Pursell
  31. Rewey Pursell
  32. Leonard Pursell
  33. Albert Pursell
  34. Philip Ray Pursell
  35. Ira Pursell
  36. George Pursell
  37. Harry Pursell
  38. [bottom row] Laurie Miller (daughter of John and Fannie)
  39. Bill Miller (son of John and Fannie)
  40. Floyd Davis
  41. Mother Davis
  42. Father Davis
  43. Cecil (Kuhnert) Pursell
  44. Wilma Pursell
  45. Viola (Kuhnert/Keene) Pursell
  46. Elmer Pursell
  47. Lena (Birkner) Pursell
  48. Bessie Pursell
  49. Grayell Pursell
  50. Myrna Pursell
  51. Roy Arkell Pursell
  52. Blanche Pursell
  53. Pluma (Jones) Pursell
  54. Velma Pursell
  55. Henrietta (Jones) Pursell

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