Updated family information regarding Kate Logan Tate (Evans) and Robert Tate

Dana Darnell has shared some updated information. In “Logan Connections,” we have Catherine “Kate” Logan, daughter of James W. Logan and Eveline / Evaline Wilson Logan, marrying Charles E. Evans. This is correct. However, we didn’t know that Kate Logan had an earlier marriage to Robert Tate. (She married Charles E. Evans in 1905.)

Evaline “Eva” Tate, born 29 April 1900, was the child of Kate Logan Tate and Robert Tate. (Eva is listed as “Eva Evans” in the 1910 and 1920 Union County, Illinois, Federal censuses.)

Evaline “Eva” Tate married Hosea Darnell from Cobden, Union County, Illinois. She died 7 December 1991.

yimg-399814319-9002--321002327-1 2

Photograph of Evaline “Eva” Tate Darnell, furnished by Dana Darnell.

Evaline Lee Tate Darnell’s tombstone, Oak Hill Cemetery, Taylorville, Christian County, Illinois, furnished by Dana Darnell



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